Texas Government Salaries

We often wonder what the money from our taxes is spent on which we pay a lot. Unfortunately, we are not able to see all the expenses of our country, but we have the opportunity to check how much people employed by the state earn. This data is publicly available on government websites and one of the websites that aggregates this data is opengovpay. On this website, we can see Texas government employees, what their position is and how much they earn. We also have the ability to compare earnings with other employees, search for employers and many other interesting features.

Open Data

The use of open data is becoming more and more popular. Open data can facilitate many areas of our life and allow us to learn more about the surrounding area and our country. Examples of using open data:

  • Checking real estate prices in the area
  • Checking pay levels for government positions
  • Search for information about yourself or old friends
  • Checking the attractiveness of a given area - wages, property prices, crime

Open data is usually shared in a not-so-friendly form - databases or CSV files. It can take a long time to find the information we need. Fortunately, websites such as Open Data Sources are being created to find websites that present this data in a friendly form.

People Search

Often, after many years, we would like to refresh our acquaintances with old school friends or just see what's going on with them. If they don't have an account on social networking sites, it can be very difficult. Fortunately, a lot of websites are currently being created that allow people to search for information using open data. Services like pplcheck collect public data from the Internet and government sources, sort it, and make it easy to find people. On this website, we can find information about company addresses, directors and employees, salaries, public subsidies, patents, car registrations, etc.

Property Open Data

Open data allows you to find a lot of useful information about our area. One of the more useful datasets is information on real estate. Most counties provide information on real estate and taxes, but it is not readily available - databases or spreadsheets. Fortunately, many websites have been created, such as realtyverify.com , which allow you to easily find information about real estate. You can find there information about the owner of the property, last sale date and price, size of the property, equipment etc.